India has huge potential in boxing: Khan

Tuesday 18th July, 2017
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India has huge potential in boxing: Khan
He is believed to be one of the most talented boxers in the world, having won a silver medal as an amateur in the Athens Olympics when he was barely 17.
The two-time world champion Briton feels happy when he see Indian aspirants in the ring. Amir Khan, as a boxing promoter, recently launched the Super Boxing League, India's first franchise-based enterprise in the sport, through which he said he would nurture and promote Indian professionals.
"India has a huge potential in all sports. Football is getting better, cricket is already doing well and now boxing, hopefully, will do something remarkable for India.
There are so many Indian boxers who can excel at international level. The SBL will give them an opportunity to show their talents. You will see box-
ing in India growing manifold and will be more popular than any other sport.
In the SBL, more than 90 boxers are participating. Boxing has a bright future in India," said Khan, who was in New Delhi to promote the show.
Asked which role he felt more comfortable in, promoter or boxer, he said: "I am a boxer who loves to fight in the ring. Promoting boxing takes up more time than fighting in the ring.
As a promoter I am always surrounded byso manypeo-ple who are ready to help me out, but as a boxer I have to decide how to defeat my opponents in the ring, and that is more enjoyable."
Asked when Vij ender Singh and he will be seen in the ring together, Amir quickly replied: "It's for Vijender to decide when he wants to fight with me. I am always ready to fight anyone, includingVijen-der."