Headline - Rana Daggubati owns Boxing team names it Baahubali boxers

Publication - AP News

Source - Bureau

Edition - Online Web

Language - English

Publish Date - 2017-07-24

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The film Baahubali 2 has already created wonders to watch out for. China release is what it is still left for this movie. Baahubali 2 needs to create new history if the film gets work out in the China like the recent Indian film Dangal did and made sensation. Meanwhile Baahubai is making out things like serials and books.  Coming to the present, 'Baahubali' is entering sport too. Rana Daggubati bought a team in super boxing league along with Sunil Shetty the Bollywood actor. They both named the boxing  team of theirs as Baahubali boxers. The good idea of managing flavour of Baahubali will help to gain momentum for sure. Shobu Yarlagadda is also one of the partners and they had no objection from their production house. Rana who is also brand ambassador of Pro Kabddi league now the hero is owner of boxing team as well.